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Getting to Know Sammi
January 4, 2018
I've worked with Samantha both professionally and personally as her client and have observed many of her strengths firsthand. As an experience designer Samantha demonstrates empathy by seeking to understand the motivations and needs of the populations she's serving and centering those in her designs. As owner of a professional writing and proofreading service, Samantha establishes strong relationships with her clients and delivers quality results in an efficient manner. Samantha embodies an entrepreneurial spirit and is constantly seeking out new challenges to apply her skills and expertise.

January 4, 2018
Sammi is extremely organized, with high standards and strong attention to detail. She is realistic with project timelines and sensitive to deadlines. No document or project goes out to a client without her thorough review and approval. She is committed to the professional development of her writing team and will often share relevant educational opportunities. She has expertise in a variety of areas, including health care, and is also skilled at identifying strengths in her team members that might benefit her clients.

Speech & Resumes
January 4, 2018
I use Sam's Word for my professional needs. Sam's Word put together my resume a few years ago and I was very impressed. I needed it updated this past year and she did an amazing job. I sent the updated resume out and received a phone call the next day, which landed me a new job. I needed to give a speech and did not know where to start. I contacted Sam's Word, and she put together and amazing speech for me that was perfect. I have recommend this company to anyone I hear needs resume/writing assistance. I will continue to use Sam's Word in the future. Ms. Williams is articulate and gifted in the art of writing.

Entrepreneurship & Expertise
January 3, 2018
Samantha Williams is knowledgeable and embodies the terms "work ethic" and "hustle". As a new small business owner, I've learned tremendously from her, and have benefited from the resources she's provided. Samantha does not mince words, and will give you the feedback you need to hear. Whenever I can't meet a client's needs, I refer them to Sam's Word because I know her business does good work, and she takes personal responsibility for ensuring a high level of quality. Samantha is already an expert in her field, and I am confident that she'll soon be recognized as a leader in her industry.

Policy & Procedure
August 26, 2017
Hiring Sam's Word to do my Policy & Procedure was a worry free experience, from the beginning to the end. When I started my Policy & Procedure it was so overwhelming I had no idea where to begin, so I searched the internet which produced a couple of companies, Sam's World being one. After considering several other companies I chose Sam's World because my initial phone call with them gave me a feeling of individualization. Sam's World will be my first choice for all my writing needs.

Quick and diligent service
July 19, 2016
I really like how quick and diligent the Sam's word team conducts the work for their customers. I have never had a late paper and my grades I receive for the papers are always outstanding. Keep up the good work. Will definitely refer others to you.

Professional Service
July 19, 2016
Sam's Word is a professional service that goes above and beyond any expectations that you may have! Their services are dynamic and I would recommend them without hesitation.

I am very pleased
July 19, 2016
I just would like to say I am very pleased so far with the work that I have received back from Sam and her team. Great job guys.

Résumé and Cover Letter Work
July 19, 2016
Good work, love the resume and cover letter format. Keep it up!

Very Patient and Honest
July 19, 2016
I was very skeptical at first by a referral from a friend but then when I spoke with Sammi and opened up myself and gave her team the benefit of doubt she really proved me wrong. The Sam's Word team is very patient and honest and wants the best for their customers. I will definitely use her in the future and would recommend her to others as well. It's better to know you now than never. Keep up the good work you and your team.

A Busy Mom and Graduate Student
July 19, 2016
Sam's Word is hands down the best writing company out there. Not only does the Sam's word team assist with papers that far exceed the requirements of the assignment, there is a level of customer service that far succeeds any competitor. Sam's Word is the only company I'd trust to write my research papers and resume. As a busy mom and graduate student, it's important to make time for my family responsibilities. Sam's Word assistance allows me to juggle my busy life and focus on more important things.

A great help
July 19, 2016
Sam's Word is a great help in my time of need. They are very professional and is always there when I need them.

Life saver
July 19, 2016
During my last year of graduate school, it is such a hassle trying to get everything done. I am currently working and have two classes to finish. The work wasn't hard but working and trying to finish a lot of papers started to become overwhelming. I started internet searching and I found Sam's Word. They have been so helpful in many ways, A lot of stress has been lifted. I usually don't trust over the Internet but they have worked and spoken with me personally. They gained mt trust easily. The work done by them is so fantastic.

Excellent work!
July 19, 2016
I don't know what I would have done without Sam's Word! This has been a weight lifted off my shoulders. I am more than thankful and happy to have the support they have given me. I thought my last year as a graduate student was going to be a heavy load and stressful! Thanks to the Sam's Word team I have completed most of my courses with only two more to go! I am excited and I would advise any student to work with Sam's Word. I love their work and Wouldn't go to anyone else.

July 19, 2016
The Sam's Word team has saved me with this subject!! I took this class previously and failed miserably and I dreaded taking it again, but once I found Sam's word I left everything in their hands. They have been assisting in getting me straight A's since day one, so they will continue to be my A1. if you're ever struggling in a subject, don't have the time, have the kids, work full time, anything that comes your way Sam's Word will handle that part of your life. They're awesome sauce dude.

Awesome Team
July 19, 2016
Love working with this company....Efficient and worth every penny!

Their work is always outstanding!
January 12, 2016
The writers are all hard workers and they are great at what they do. I rely on Sam's Word to assist with my assignments because they take their work seriously and they are extremely patient with me. The quality of work speaks for itself. Their work is always outstanding! I have been working with Sam's Word for a few years and I will continue going back to them. I have used other writing services but Sam's Word is the only ones who assists with completing all assignments, projects, and papers on time.

Sam's Word Has Been a Lifesaver
January 12, 2016
The team at Sam's word has been a lifesaver for me. I am a busy mom trying to juggle work, kids, and school! Sam and her team have always come through for me. They always surpass my expectations on each assignment. I would recommend them to anyone!

Dedicated to helping struggling students
January 12, 2016
Managing your career, family, and college life can be very stressful at times, and coming by someone that is knowledgeable and committed to helping you throughout your journey is slim to none. However, I was blessed to find someone in my slim pickings that was dedicated to helping struggling students get through their obstacles. I've only worked with Sam's Word for a few weeks, but I must say I've been relieved tremendously from the level of stress I was once in. I was thinking about taking a break from furthering my education, but with the guidance I now have from Sam’s Word I feel safe to move forward. I recommend anyone who needs assistance with anything from essays, resumes, and business proposals to just life's advice to contact Sam's Word.

Thank You for the Assistance
January 12, 2016
In order to graduate on time I had to take 4 upper lever classes in one semester. During this same semester I was working two jobs while also completing my internship. As a result I encountered a tremendous amount of stress but then my friend referred me to Sam's Word For assistance in proofreading and editing my papers. Due to the fact that with their help I was able to get a B when I would have received an F. Again, I want to thank the wonderful team at Sam's Word for all of their hard work!

Tell Everybody!
January 11, 2016
Sam’s Word is great to use when you have a project that is due in a short amount of time. I will definitely recommend their services to all my friends.

Sent from Heaven!!!
January 11, 2016
I swear to you this young lady, Samantha, is an angel!!!!! I am consistently on the go and I want to finish my masters course but I am entirely too busy! Then I heard about Sam's Word and their fantastic services! Samantha is kind and sweet all in the same token! I call her my lifesaver! She is so professional, super intelligent, and she is helping me with my online courses! Trust me, if you ever need help with anything, a resume, research paper assistance, or general coursework, etc....Mrs. Samantha is the person to call!!

The Staff at Sam’s Word Handled the tough Deadlines with True Professionalism
January 11, 2016
Sam’s word assisted me in all my research needs. The team answered all of my questions and assured me that everything would be fine in regards to my research assignment. Even though I gave them incredibly short turn around times, the staff at Sam’s Word handled the tough deadlines with true professionalism. I am definitely going to use them again in the future.

Sam's Word is Very Thorough
September 22, 2015
Thanks so much for taking the time to be so thorough your services are worth every dollar for sure.
The Team's Dedication to My Cause Has Been Phenomenal
September 11, 2015
I want to say thank you so much for all of the help you have given me along the path that I decided to take. The Sam’s Word writers helped with all of the countless questions, corrections, arrangements and modifications of the various papers, letters, and propositions that I have been through, while remaining calm and patient with me. I used their assistance before, during, and after the creation of Sam's Word. I have full confidence in their writing skills. The team's dedication to my cause has been phenomenal. Again, Thank you so much.

Sam's Word Decreased My Anxiety Level
July 20, 2015
I am a full time working mom that has returned to school to complete my bachelor’s degree. However, writing is not my favorite part of class, and being that my last few classes require several 5-8 pages papers due per class, Sam’s Word has been a tremendous resource that has decreased my anxiety level. The team at Sam’s Word has been available at anytime to allow for me to make the class paper deadlines. They have done a beautiful job of editing my papers in several class topics. I have also received several A grades from their grading. The team at Sam’s Word even learned a new format (CML) within a day to allow for my paper to meet the class-required format. Additionally, Sam’s Word provides feedback that has allowed me to learn and grow. I thank Sam’s Word for their quick and efficient work.

A Calm and Relaxing Experience
June 26, 2015
I first contacted Sam's Word while matriculating towards my undergraduate degree. I remember my experience working with the writers at Sam's Word to be a calm and relaxing experience. They make everything easy and completely took my stress away! When I explained what I needed from Sam's Word they provided me with an easy to understand and very affordable price list. The writers at Sam's Word always communicated with me regarding any questions they had, pricing, and deadlines. If you want your schoolwork or business work done professionally and in a timely manner for a reasonable price then look no further, Sam’s Word is the place to do it! The writers have always met deadlines and they always completed work before the deadline. Thank you again for all of your help and being able to easily understand my needs. I look forward to working with you many times in the future. 

Sam's Word Gets the Job Done Right
June 26, 2015
The Sam’s Word writers are very knowledgeable about history, creative writing, software, etc. They are very reliable and take pride in getting the work done in a timely fashion. Sometimes I call Sam’s Word for work I needed in a half hour, they have always exceeded my expectations and completed work prior to deadlines. The writers at Sam's Word are always willing to research any topic in order for them to gain a better understanding. No topic is off limits for this team! I always felt confident and assured the Sam’s Word writers will get the work done. In addition to being able to execute any task I put before them, the Sam's Word writers have also taught me a lot regarding writing style, proofreading, and grammar. It was always a pleasure knowing I could always count on Sam's Word to get the job done right and because of that I have never hesitated to refer others to them for writing services.
- L.C.

Sam's Word - 5 STARS!!
May 24, 2015
Sam’s Word is very professional, their work is extremely accurate. The writers are very knowledgeable in many areas and the work they produce shows this. If you want the best of the best, i highly recommend Sam’s Word. Sam’s word receives 5 stars from me.

Failure is Definitely Not an Option.
May 24, 2015
After being introduced to Sam's Word to be my mentor, my entire online college experience has changed. Failure is definitely not an option.
Quality Work
October 20, 2008
Samantha Williams is the one to use if you are looking for outstanding quality. She has exceptional knowledge and experience in her field.

Great Editor
Sammi has a superb understanding of the English language. Therefore, her ability to be an editor really shined through with this project.

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