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Content development strategists, specializing in written business communications.

We assist you with your writing needs, so you can focus on your business goals.

Book Editing

Samantha Williams is the one to use if you are looking for outstanding quality. She has exceptional knowledge and experience in her field. Sammi has a superb understanding of the English language. Therefore, her ability to be an editor really shined through with this project.

- Shirley Brown, Thru the Eyes of a Transit Cop

Well Respected Professional

Samantha Williams is knowledgeable and embodies the terms "work ethic" and "hustle". As a new small business owner, I've learned tremendously from her, and have benefited from the resources she's provided. Samantha does not mince words, and will give you the feedback you need to hear. Whenever I can't meet a client's needs, I refer them to Sam's Word because I know her business does good work, and she takes personal responsibility for ensuring a high level of quality. Samantha is already an expert in her field, and I am confident that she'll soon be recognized as a leader in her industry.

- Augustine Ahiabor, Career Finesse, LLC

Sam's Word Resumes Gets Jobs!!

I use Sam's Word for my professional needs. Sam's Word put together my resume a few years ago and I was very impressed. I needed it updated this past year and she did an amazing job. I sent the updated resume out and received a phone call the next day, which landed me a new job. I needed to give a speech and did not know where to start. I contacted Sam's Word, and she put together and amazing speech for me that was perfect. I have recommend this company to anyone I hear needs resume/writing assistance. I will continue to use Sam's Word in the future. Ms. Williams is articulate and gifted in the art of writing.

- Debbie Bradley, MSN, RN

Working for Sammi...

Sammi is extremely organized, with high standards and strong attention to detail. She is realistic with project timelines and sensitive to deadlines. No document or project goes out to a client without her thorough review and approval. She is committed to the professional development of her writing team and will often share relevant educational opportunities. She has expertise in a variety of areas, including health care, and is also skilled at identifying strengths in her team members that might benefit her clients.

- Karen Markman, Freelance Writer

Sammi the Entrepreneur

I've worked with Samantha both professionally and personally as her client and have observed many of her strengths firsthand. As an experience designer Samantha demonstrates empathy by seeking to understand the motivations and needs of the populations she's serving and centering those in her designs. As owner of a professional writing and proofreading service, Samantha establishes strong relationships with her clients and delivers quality results in an efficient manner. Samantha embodies an entrepreneurial spirit and is constantly seeking out new challenges to apply her skills and expertise.

- Vanessa Weathers, CSSGB, CCXP

Sammi - Best Boss Ever!

I absolutely love Samantha! I know her as Sammi, and she is strong, very smart, very organized and very fair. I worked along with Sammi as one of her writers on her team of female writers. Sammi was very straight forward but very empathetic toward all of us on her team. She was never over bearing. She was serious about her business and we i respected her love and passion for her business. Even after I was let go , Sammi was very professional and kind toward me. She never raised her voice and she was always very helpful. Thank you Sammi so for being so patient and kind to me.

  • Tiara Sanders, Freelance Writer

Sammi's Copyediting Skills Rock!

Samantha Williams performed copyediting and formatting services work for me as I was completing my thesis for my Masters Degree in Nursing (MSN). Her work was truly exceptional! Samantha utilized the track changes feature in Microsoft Word to efficiently and effectively review the entire thesis, recommending suggestions for improving the formatting, while ensuring the thesis was free of grammatical errors. During this process, it became obvious that writing comes naturally to Samantha and it showed in the quality of her work. Rarely do you come across someone who is talented at both big picture and strategic initiatives as well as executing the small details. Samantha’s work proves that she is extremely skilled in these areas and I highly recommend Samantha for your copyediting and proofreading needs.

- Donna Brennan, MSN, RN

Academic Writing Assistance

Samantha assisted me with my research papers during nursing school. She is very professional, reliable, organized and helpful. Samantha was my lifesaver during my last semester in college. She is very knowledgeable in any area, especially in healthcare. I recommend Samantha to anyone that needs writing and resume assistance. She will get the job done.

- Lakeesha Johnson, BSN, RN

Excellent Business Writer

In the time Samantha and I were business associates, I’ve witnessed her display a strong level of quality in the writing projects she completed. She is skilled in writing copy, web content, resumes, and developing LinkedIn profiles. She is also very competent in drafting professional business communications and facilitating workshops to help other businesses.

- Sharmetra Pittman, SP Social Media Solutions

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