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Capability Statements 101

Win the bid with an effective capability statement!


Capability statements for businesses are similar to resumes for job seekers. Just like a resume, your capability statement should be limited to one page, unless completely necessary. This one-page document allows readers to perform a quick assessment of your company. Therefore, you want to be sure to include the information needed to set your company apart from the competition.

Below are the sections you will need to include in your capability statement:

Company Overview – Provide information about the company owner and their qualifications, including any degrees, licenses, and certifications. The number of employees and the company’s area of specialty should also be listed.

Contact Information – You want the reader of the capability statement to contact your company for projects. Make sure you include the company’s telephone and fax numbers, email address, address, and the name of the person they should contact. If you have space, include the company’s social media information.

Company Data – Include the company’s DUNS number, CAGE code, EIN, and NAICS code(s). This section should also indicate the size of the company, if you are SAM active, and if you accept credit cards.  Also, make sure to include the company’s socioeconomic certification designations. These certifications will inform the reader which set-asides apply to your company. These are applicable if the company has received certifications, such as veteran, woman, small, or minority business enterprises or as a woman-owned small business. If you are in the process of applying for a certification, you can list those as pending.

Core Services – List the primary products and services the company offers. In another section, you can also list additional products and services your company provides.

Differentiators – Think about what makes your company different from all of your competitors. Help readers understand why they should select your company.

Past Performance – Keep this section current. The experience listed here may differ based on who will be receiving the capability statement. Make sure the experiences match the scope of work needed by the reader. Include the client’s name, contact person, email or telephone, and a brief summary of the work provided for the client.

Remember, just like a resume, the capability statement needs to be regularly updated. It is your company’s primary tool to track performance and document the progress you’ve been making.

This should get you started on developing your capability statement. However, if you’re still struggling, send us an email at for assistance.


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