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Useful PowerPoint Tips 101

PowerPoint is a tool that is often used when creating and delivering presentations. Students and business professionals use it to enhance projects or gain the attention of potential investors or clients.

Here are some tips to help you develop powerful, classy, and professional PowerPoint presentations:

1. Use Bullet Points

  • Discuss the main aspects of a particular topic
  • Keep your sentences short and on one line
  • No paragraphs, no periods
  • Use a limited number of bullet points per slide (Don't bore your audience with a slide containing 7 bullets or more)

2. Properly Format Important Content

  • Insert & format shapes or textboxes
  • Add color, if needed
  • Use the various shape formatting & drawing tools

3. Add Graphics to Separate Content

  • Always use graphics to add visual images specific to the content
  • Graphics help illustrate content and make presentations come alive
  • Use a moderate amount of graphics
    • The audience should be focused on the content
    • Graphics should not overpower the content

 4. Slides

  • Each slide should have a short & simple title, font no larger than 36
  • Use slides to deliver a specific message in a concise manner
  • Use simple fonts on each slide, typically font size 24-28
  • Title font & slide fonts must be consist throughout the presentation
  • Justify bullet points and center text boxes when needed

5. Speaker Notes

  • Used to help keep track of material while presenting
  • The audience cannot see speaker notes
  • Include key points and information not included on slide
  • A cheat sheet, which is helpful if you lose track during the presentation

6. For Businesses: Call to Action (CTA)

  • Include a call to action button or link for viewers
  • Clearly state what you would like your audience to do:
    • Contact us today!
    • Check out our website
    • Save 20% by acting today!
    • Click this link to sign up!
  • CTA should direct them to complete the actions:
    • Email box appears
    • Website hyperlink to webpage
    • Hyperlink to:
      • Social media accounts
      • Promotion landing page
      • Online calendar to schedule appointments

7. For Students: References

  • Include a reference slide, listing, in alphabetical order all resources used
  • References should also include direct websites for all images used

8. Questions?

  • Allow time for your audience to ask questions
  • End Presentation on question slide, using an aesthetically appealing image

Check it out: This entire blog was formatted like a PowerPoint presentation. Feel free to refer to it when creating your own presentation.

As always, we are here to help. If you can't get the hang of creating a PowerPoint, please feel free to email us at or by using our Contact Us page. (<----- CTA!!)

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