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#Hashtag It!

If you are running a business, you're most likely using social media to promote and sell your products. But how are you helping your potential customers find and follow you? Believe it or not, the power behind social media is the hashtag, the #, the button that we use to call "the pound sign".

Just about every major social media site has adapted the use of the hashtag. If you are not using hashtags in your business, you are basically un-find-able on social media.

Twitter started the hashtag trend and it slowly crept onto Instagram, Facebook, and even Google+. Here is a simple guide when using hashtags on these social media platforms.

  • Twitter: Less is better. Remember, you are only allowed a certain amount of characters on a single tweet. So get your point across with a photo and a few hashtags.
  • Instagram: The world is yours on Instagram. You can literally go hashtag crazy, but remember to keep your hashtags focused on the product you are highlighting. Your hashtags can even include the name of your products and your business name. Most people create distinctive hashtags that are only relevant to their business.
  • Facebook: Although you can use hashtags on Facebook, they don't really get the ball rolling like Twitter and Instagram. So I would suggest that if you feel the need to use a hashtag, keep it down to one or two. Some businesses link their Instagram accounts to Facebook so you can always share your Instagram posts and keep it moving as well. 
  • Google+: Your posts to Google+ are automatically given a hashtag based on the content. If you are commenting on someone's post, you can include hashtags there also! 

Now that you've brainstormed and developed a slew of hashtags what are you going to do with them? I suggest you open up the Notes app on your phone and store all your hashtags by post type and have them ready to be copied and pasted into your posts. No need to try and remember every single hashtag and no need to type each one out. Have them ready to go so that posting isn't too much work.

Remember, Instagram and Twitter limit the number of hashtags you use in your posts. Also, Instagram's algorithm may prevent your posts from showing under certain hashtags if they are not posted according to the Instagram rules. Check out your hashtag limits prior to posting.

I hope this brief discussion on hashtags will get you motivated to get your business social media ready. Remember, if you need business writing assistance, just email us at Happy Writing.


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