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Email Etiquette 101

Take a look at the last email you sent. Do you think it will pass an email etiquette 101 test?

If not, here are a few notes to consider when you send your next email.

  • Always include a short and specific subject line. Your subject line should not include typos or a period. The subject line should not read like a sentence.

  • Use courtesy when addressing your recipient(s). Use greetings like "Hello, Hi, or Dear, along with their first name. You can also address them by Mr. or Ms.

  • Don’t use special email formatting! Why? Because spam filtering and email security may prevent your email from being delivered.

  • When composing your email, do not use all caps. It comes off as if you are yelling. Your email should be similar to that of a letter, including proper use of capital letters and punctuation.

  • Only use the reply all button when it is absolutely necessary. If everyone doesn't need the email you're sending, do not select reply all. Believe it or not, folks don't appreciate the reply all button much.
  • Out of the office? If you know you'll be away from your email or if you're planning to be on vacation, always use your out of office reminder. This informs others that you are not available at the present time and also let's them know when they can expect a reply.
  • Add the recipient's email address last. Accidentally sending the email prior to finishing your message or proofreading can be devastating. Add the email address after proofreading.

  • Assume nothing is confidential. Your email can ultimately end up in anyone's hands.

  • Include a signature block, which lists the ways you can be contacted via email, phone, and email. Avoid using long quotations in your signature.

You now have the tools to send a proper email. Use them or else...

Remember, Sam's Word will provide you with writing services if you are still unsure of what you should or shouldn't include in your email. Contact us at

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