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What NOT to Do When Applying For a Job

It's assumed that when applying for a job, people are on their best behavior. Everyone knows that when you're applying for a job you should present the best version of yourself. This is how you impress the person interviewing you and quickly get in good with the powers that be -- You know, the big Kahunas... Once you get in, survive the crucial probationary period, then you can relax a bit and become the true person they hired.

Unfortunately, not everyone believes this is the approach to take. There are some very special people who think otherwise. So, here is a short guide (just to clear things up), on what NOT to do when applying for a job.

1.    Do not submit an incomplete application. If you really don't want the job, sure, go ahead and give them half of the information they need. But, if you are serious about this job opportunity, provide as much information as you can on your application. The more information about yourself, work experience, and education, the better. This will give management a thorough idea of your skills and abilities.

2.    If you must communicate via email or written correspondence, do not write as if you are speaking to a friend or texting. There should be no emojis and text abbreviations anywhere in your communication. Pretend that you are trying to get an "A" on this written assignment and keep it 100% professional.

3.    Please, do not act like you know it all. If you are asked to provide documentation, written samples and/or presentations as an addendum to your application, just do it! Just because the last job you applied to didn't ask for such information, does not mean you don't have to. This is what is required for this position. I've actually heard someone say in an interview, "well, I didn't have to do that with my last job". Oh really?

4.   Lastly, do not demean the position you are applying for just because things aren't going your way. This is a sure way of shutting the door permanently for yourself and that organization. Keep your feelings in check and remove any signs of emotions from email correspondences. Don't potentially mess up future money. If the time isn't right at the moment, do what you need to do, then revisit the organization down the road. Saying negative comments in emails and through conversations will not help you get the job you are applying for .

The lesson to be learned here is to simply, check yourself. Check your writing, check your tone, and check your attitude. Have a positive mind frame when applying for a job.

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