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How to Write a Job Description

Job descriptions are an essential tool used in the hiring process and many hiring managers spend a lot of time ensuring they are adequate, specific, and reflective of the available position. A good job description helps candidates understand if they have the appropriate skills, training, and qualifications for the job. I know, these days, it seems like qualifications no longer matter and anyone can get a job they’re not qualified for. Although this may be true for the highest position in the country, we know, in the real world, qualifications matter. Therefore, it is important to be extremely specific in the development of job descriptions, while being mindful of your word choice.

Key components of job descriptions:

  • Job Title - One of the first things we see when searching for a job. The job title should be an indication of what the job entails
  • Job Objective - What is the purpose of this role?
  • Summary - General idea of the skills needed to fulfill the duties of this position
  • Description and Duties - Usually includes job specific details and is a list of all the duties the candidtate will be required to perfom. Here you can also include the time required to complete these duties. (Ex. Order entry - 55%, Reporting - 35%). Be sure to list duties by importance!
  • Company Relationships and Roles - This helps the candidtate know where this position will fall within the organizational structure, including who their peers are and who they will report to. In this section you can include supervisory positions, subordinating roles, and/or other working relationships.

Lastly, the main reason your candidate is viewing your job post:

Salary - Be competitive!! Include a competitive salary range, which will give the candidate an idea of the anticipated salary, based on experience and education.

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