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Landing My Dream Job

Like many people, I bet you hate your job, are in between jobs, or you may just be wondering if your dream job is even out there.

Job seekers have a variety of choices when it comes to finding an occupation that will pay them money for completing tasks – that’s basically what we’re talking about.

First, you must think about the type of job you are interested in. These options include:

Entrepreneurs and business owners – Individuals who operate their own businesses

Employees – People who choose to work for small or large businesses

Contractors – Those who do not work directly for an organization but provide services according to a binding contract

Freelancers – Variety of functions provided by individuals who work primarily on their own terms

Temporary Employees – Individuals who contract with a hiring agency to perform duties, as needed, for other organizations

And many other types of employment options!

Now, it’s time to get to work and think about a job you are interested in and wouldn’t mind doing every day.

The next step is the most important. Without it, you’re just ignorant to the facts.

RESEARCH!!! What is the average pay in your area? Are there jobs currently available? What are the educational and basic qualifications? Do you meet them? Do you need to gain experience, education, job specific skills, certifications, or licensure? What is the expected career forecast? Is this a growing industry or a dying one? Are there organizations you should join for exposure and gain insight?

Have you gone through this process and you’re still confused? Let Sam’s Word help you figure it all out! Contact us today at to schedule a Career Coach consultation with a qualified and knowledgeable employment specialist. I mean, why should you do all that research when we can do it for you??

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