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Love Lost?

Remember the joy you felt when you got your business up and running? Life couldn't have been any better. You finally have the job of your dreams, you are your own boss and you make your own schedule. Things were working out for the best and you are over the moon with happiness because you are finally running a business doing what you love to do.

Now fast forward a couple of years. The happy go lucky business owner is miserable and wondering where has the love gone. We have to remember that when we take the thing that we love and start doing it for money, it becomes a job. It's no longer the hobby that we lose time in. It is no longer the hobby to turn to, to relieve stress. It is now the stress. So how to fall back in love with your business?

Answer these questions - What made you decide to turn your love/talent into a business? When did you start falling out of love with your business? Has money become the key to success? Did you start to have a "by any means necessary" mentality?

If you're frowning and shaking your head after you answered the questions, then it is time to re-evaluate. It's time to bring the love back into your business or it's time to walk away and regain your hobby/talent for your self. Hopefully, you can maintain the two and get things back on track. You may have added too much to the table. Pull back a little and get back to the roots; the beginning. Think about what products are really necessary. Less, sometimes can mean more.

Share your thoughts and/or experiences - How can you regain the love lost for your business?  

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